Grove Mini Pro LP Arduino Board
Grove Mini Pro LP Arduino Board
Grove Mini Pro LP Arduino Board
Grove Mini Pro LP Arduino Board

Grove Mini Pro LP Arduino Board

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A Low Power Arduino Board - Designed for Solar!

The Arduino family of processors is a fabulous prototyping and building system for Makers. The combination of the Arduino IDE with its thousands of available drivers for sensors and the ATMega line of processors have spawned a tremendous burst of creativity around the world.

At SwitchDoc Labs we have been building and writing about Arduino projects for years. From Project Curacao in the tropics to specialized Arduino based solar powered weather stations, we have extensively used these devices in many ways.


12/9/2017 Update:  Now at 16MHz clock speed



Enter the Grove Pro Mini LP Arduino Board.


The Grove Pro Mini LP Board in the Sunshine!





Solar Grove Mini Pro LP Far From Home (430 meters) powering the WXLink kit from SwitchDoc Labs


What did we do on this Board?

In building all these projects with off the shelf Arduino devices we realized that we were missing two features.

  • Really Low Power Usage (for Solar applications!)
  • Grove Connector Compatibility for IOT Prototyping
  • ATmega328P Processor
  • Arduino Pro Mini Compatible Pinout
  • Under 1mA sleep current
  • DS3231 Real Time Clock Included
  • 3.3V - 5V
  • Arduino IDE Compatible
  • Thousands of drivers available
  • Compatible with Hundreds of Grove Sensors

And this is why we are building the Grove Pro Mini LP.

We redesigned the Arduino Pro Mini LP board to be very low power. We removed the regulating power supply, and provided 3.3V and 5V compatibility. Whew! And the engineering prototypes work! We have about another week of testing and we should be able to release to production. That means we will should ship this Kickstarter on time!

Each Grove Pro Mini LP Board ships with a plug-in DS32