I2C LCD w/BackLight Grove


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I2C LCD w/BackLight Grove



FInished with the tedious mono color backlight? This I2C LCD enables you to set the color to whatever you like. It takes I2C as communication method with your Arduino or Raspberry Pi. The number of pins required for data exchange and backlight control shrinks from ~10 to 2, relieving IOs for other challenging tasks. 

The Grove - LCD RGB Backlight also supports user-defined characters. 


  • RGB Backlight

  • Built-in English and Japanese fonts

  • I2C communication

  • Automatic power-on reset

 Technical Details

Dimensions 83mm x 44mm x 13mm
Weight G.W 38g    
Battery Exclude
Input Voltage 5V
CGROM 10880 bit
CGRAM 64*8 bit

Software Downloads

Arduino Drivers

Raspberry Pi Driver

We are writing a new, more comprehensive LCD Driver for the Raspberry Pi.