Grove Pack of Goodness - Bundle of Grove Devices


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Grove Pack of Goodness

The Grove Pack of Goodness is a discounted bundle of all the Grove devices and sold by SwitchDoc Labs. It gives you all the parts you need to build dozens of projects, as well as the new "Missing Boards for the Raspberry Pi" products just released. Solar, weather, LEDs, it's all in there!

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Grove Pack of Goodness (a $300 value!)- All the Grove boards from Contains:

The Triple Pack of Missing Board (Pi2Grover, 4 Channel ADC and Digital Extender)


- SunAirPlus

- Dual WatchDog

- WeatherPlArduino

- WeatherPlus

- 12C Hub

- Mini I2C Motor Driver

- 128x64 OLED Board

- Grove Base Shield for Arduino

- Blue LED

- Green LED

- Purple LED

- Red LED

- White LED

- Grove 20cm Cables (5 Pack)

- I2C Mux

- INA3221 BOB