GroveWeatherPi Product Bundle




GroveWeatherPi Product Bundle

Bundled Price: $219.95 - Retail Price $260.00

This package is a discounted bundle of devices for the GroveWeatherPi project ( and from the GroveWeatherPi Instructable (



  • Pi2Grover
  • Weather Board (with BMP280)
  • Grove AM2315
  • WeatherRack
  • Grove I2C 4Ch/16Bit ADC
  • 8 female/female jumper wires (added on 11/6/2016)
  • Grove OLED 64x128 I2C Display
  • HDC1080
  • Grove 20CM Cables (6)
  • Grove 50cm Calbes (2)
  • Grove I2C 4 Channel Mux
  • Grove Lightning Detector - Thunder Board
  • DS3231 RTC
  • I2C 6 Port Passive Hub

GroveWeatherPi Solar Add-on Bundle

If you are building the optional Solar Powered Version, add the following bundle:

GroveWeatherPi Solar Add-on Product Bundle

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New Tutorial on Thunder Board

Here is a new video tutorial for Tuning the ThunderBoard by Dr. Shovic