Pi2Grover - Raspberry Pi to Grove Connector Interface Board



Pi2Grover - Raspberry Pi to Grove Connector Interface Board

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The Pi2Grover board provides 15 Grove connectors for your prototyping needs. 10 Grove Digital, 4 Grove I2C, and one Grove UART. Fast prototyping with many, many Grove devices available. No software drivers required. You are right next to the hardware. Just where you want to be. Learn what Grove Connecters are here in our tutorial.


It plugs right into your Raspberry Pi with a special connector that allows you to plug boards or hats on top of the Grove board. And you know, we like hats at SwitchDoc Labs. Especially Fedora hats!

Board Compatibility



  • Great for Prototyping
  • 15 Grove Connectors
  • Designed for the new Raspberry Pi boards (+, Zero, 2 and 3)
  • Transparent to Software - No Drivers required
  • Works with existing Drivers out of the box
  • Pass Through Raspberry Pi GPIO Connector
  • All Grove Connectors support 5V
  • On Board 3.3V to 5V Bi-directional translators
  • 4 Grove I2C Connectors (5V)
  • 1 Grove UART Connector (5V)
  • 10 Grove Digital Connectors (5V)
  • Quantity Discounts Available
  • Immediate Availability

Pi2Grover Best IOT Prototyping System Out There!

When I finally understood what SwitchDoc was doing with the Pi2Grover board and Grove connectors during the kickstarter, I was very pleased. I bought every Grove sensor I could find (well, not all - there are hundreds) and I'm pleased how fast I can build things and test concepts quickly...-Carroll


Downloads (no software drivers needed)

Theory of Operation

The Pi2Grover board provides buffered connections and voltage translation between the Raspberry Pi pins and external Grove modules. Pi2Grover provides bi-directional voltage translation from the Raspberry Pi (3.3V) to 5V. The board is “transparent” to any software, so existing drivers for modules will work with no translation required. Voltage translation for I2C Bus is also supported by the Pi2Grover board.