SwitchDoc LABS I2C 4 Channel Mux TCA9545A based Breakout Board for Arduino and Raspberry Pi


This device has been retired. It has been replaced by the new Grove 4 Channel I2C Mux located here: https://store.switchdoc.com/i2c-4-channel-mux-extender-expander-board-grove-pin-headers-for-arduino-and-raspberry-pi/

The I2C 4 Channel Mux Breakout Board is a TCA9545A based quad bidirectional translating switch controlled via the I2C bus. The SCL/SDA controlling fans out to four downstream channels. It works for both the Arduino and Raspberry At SwitchDoc Labs, we love data. And we love I2C devices. We like to gather the data using lots of I2C devices on our computers and projects. Project Curacao has a total of 12, WeatherPi has 11 devices and SunRover will have over 20 and will require one I2C bus just for controlling the motors. We are always running into conflicts with addressing on the I2C device. Since there are no standards, sometimes multiple devices will have the same address, such as 0x70 and you are just out of luck in running both of them on the same I2C bus without a lot of jimmy rigging. What is the solution for this? It’s an I2C controlled 4 I2C bus multiplexer! And we have the software drivers written for it for the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi on github.com/switchdoclabs. With the software and board, you are ready to go! power switch for your Arduino or Raspberry Pi.