Preloaded 16GB SD Card with Buster / Smart Garden System / SkyWeather / MouseAir / SDCard

Preloaded 16GB SD Card with Buster / Smart Garden System / SkyWeather / MouseAir / SDCard

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16GB SD Card with Buster / Smart Garden System / SkyWeather / GroveWeatherPi

Save time and money with this pre-built image on micro SD Card  for your Raspberry Pi. 

Now Version 6.0

Supports any Raspberry Pi computer supporting BUSTER , including 2A+, 2B+, 3B+, Raspberry Pi Zero, ZeroW, Raspberry Pi 4  and other models.

Note:   As of 10/14/2019 Updated to the Native Buster install.  Updated and Upgraded Stretch to Buster has all sorts of problems some of which were subtle and some of which (Pi4 would not boot) were serious.

Login Information:

username:  pi

password: raspberry

This card comes preloaded with the Raspberry Pi Raspbian Buster  Operating System and the software for the following SwitchDoc Labs Products:
  • Python All-in-One For Dummies

  • SkyWeather

  • MouseAir

  • Smart Garden System

  • Grove Pixel RGBW Products

  • ThunderBoard IOT Products

  • Raspberry Pi DataLogger

  • SolarMAX Products

Package color and labeling will vary.

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  • Highest video performance with Class 10 rating for Full HD** video (1080p)
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  • Quick transfer speeds up to 30MB/s**
  • Durable and reliable