32GB SD Card with Buster / SmartGarden3 / SkyWeather2 / MouseAir / WeatherSense

32GB SD Card with Buster / SmartGarden3 / SkyWeather2 / MouseAir / WeatherSense

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32GB SD Card with Buster / SmartGarden3 / SkyWeather2 / MouseAir / WeatherSense

Save time and money with this pre-built image on micro SD Card  for your Raspberry Pi. 

Now Version 21.0

Supports any Raspberry Pi computer supporting BUSTER , including 2A+, 2B+, 3B+, Raspberry Pi Zero, ZeroW, Raspberry Pi 4  and other models.

Note:   Now includes the new WeatherSense software, SmartGarden3 and SkyWeather2 and SolarMAX2.

For more information about WeatherSense - Tutorial: What is WeatherSense? 


Login Information:

username:  pi

password: raspberry


WiFi Provisioning Software Included

There are many ways of provisioning the Wifi on the Raspberry Pi.  For examples, please go to www.rasperrypi.org and search on WiFi.

The included provisioning system for those people that want to connect up to WiFi without editing their SDCard on a different computer or adding a monitor and keyboard (headless).

Step-By-Step Provisioning

1) Turn on your Raspberry Pi (with the SD Card installed)

2) On another computer, navigate to the WiFi hostpot called "RPiHostspot"   If it prompts you for a password, use "1234567890".

3) If you want to use VNC, connect to from a VNC Server

4) If you want to use SSH, type ssh pi@

5) In terminal window type the following commands:

cd /etc/wpa_supplicant

sudo nano wpa_supplicant.conf

You will see the following:

ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev


Change the ssid to your network name and the psk to your password for your wifi network.

Step 6) Save, close and then type "sudo reboot"

Your Raspberry Pi will then come up on your network.   Go to www.raspberrypi.org to see how to find your Raspberry Pi (Such as using Angry IP or another network scanner).

Now you are connected to your WiFI.


Contents of the Card

This card comes preloaded with the Raspberry Pi Raspbian Buster  Operating System and the software for the following SwitchDoc Labs Products:
  • SkyWeather2

  • SkyWeather

  • MouseAir

  • Smart Garden System V2

  • WeatherSense Weather Sensors

  • WeatherRack2

  • WeatherSense Indoor T/H Sensors

  • Grove Pixel RGBW Products

  • ThunderBoard IOT Products

  • Raspberry Pi DataLogger

  • SolarMAX Products

Package color and labeling will vary.

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