OurWeather Solar Power Extender Kit



OurWeather Solar Power Extender Kit

This package allows you to transform the OurWeather Complete Weather Kit to a Solar Powered Weather Station.

Note: The version 019+ OurWeather software is the minimum level to support this extender kit. It is available in source code form below or by over the air update as shown in the OurWeather manual.

Note: This kit does NOT include a LiPo battery due to shipping restrictions. Here is a battery that we use and recommend. Any 3.7V LiPo battery will work.



  • Grove SunAirPlus (contains I2C sensing for reading Solar Power, Battery Power and Output Power)
  • Solar Panel 330mA (3)
  • JST-PH Extender for Solar Panel JST-PH 2 Plug
  • USB PowerControl V2
  • USB cable - A/MicroB
  • Multi Solar Panel Connector Board (no soldering needed!)
  • F/F Multiple Solar Connector Board to SunAirPlus Solar Connection
  • One Female to Female Jumper Wire



Note:   Using the AirQuality Extender and the Solar Power Extender in the same OurWeather Project

If you are using the AirQuality Extender and the Solar Power Extender in the same OurWeather setup then you need to make a change to the ADC included in the AirQuality Extender Kit. Do the following:

If you have the Solar Power Extender Kit and the Air Quality Extender, you have a conflict in the I2C addresses being used by the Air Quality Extender.

The SAP (SunAirPlus) ADS1015 has a non-changable address of 0x48

The WeatherPlus board ADS1115 has a non-changable address of 0x49 (this is for the weather vane)



The Grove ADC1115 in the Air Quality kit has a default address of 0x48, which conflicts with the SAP board.

---To Solve!---

Solder a pin to the pinhole marked ADDR on the Grove ADS1115 board and then connect a jumper from ADDR to SDA (in the pin header row on the same board), power it back on and then the board now has the I2C address 0x4A

Then, in the OurWeather Software, in SDL_ESP8266_WeatherPlus.ino (the main file) change the following line:

Adafruit_ADS1115 adsAirQuality(0x48);


Adafruit_ADS1115 adsAirQuality(0x4A);

All devices will then work.

3D Printed 3 Panel Solar Bracket

Take a look at this posting. This takes a long time to print, so we don't sell it on the store.