3D Print for WeatherSense SkyCam

3D Print for WeatherSense SkyCam

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3D Print for SkyCam

For those that do not have at 3D printer, we offer a full ABS 3D print of the box and solar assemblies for the WeatherSense Solar SkyCam

Maximum Print Size:  195mmx115mmx50mm.



Needed Tools and Other Parts Not Supplied


You can find the small hardware assembly pack containing screws, spline and inserts to assemble the 3D Print.  You will need these tools:



Small Screwdrivers

Small files

Super Glue


To assemble, you will need the following additional hardware:

Small Hardware Parts for SkyCam or SkyWeather2 

Want to print your own?

You can get the 3D Printing Files here.