Arduino IOT Lightning Detector Kit


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Arduino IOT Lightning Detector Kit

The Thunder Board Arduino IOT kit comes with everything you need to build your first IOT kit.   It works locally right out of the box with the software already installed on the Arduino Mini Pro LP included in the kit.  If you want to talk to the Freeboard Internet Dashboard, there are another set of steps to take to get your Thunder Board connected up to your WiFi and then securely up on the Internet.  

The Arduino IOT Lightning Detector Kit contains:

  • Grove Mini Pro LP Arduino (16MHz)
  • Grove WiFi Interface
  • Grove LCD Display
  • Grove Buzzer
  • The Thunder Board
  • Grove Cables for Hooking it Up!
  • USB Cable for Power
  • FTDI Cable for Programming
  • 3D Printing Files (here in downloads)

New Tutorial

Here is a new video tutorial for Tuning the ThunderBoard by Dr. Shovic


The 3D Print Code

The software:

The Readme:

SwitchDoc Labs Thunder Board IOT
November 2017

All documentation for this board is on the SwitchDoc Labs site.

Version 004ARD - Initial Release - December 1, 2017
Version 004ARD - Added JSON for Freeboard dashboard Release - December 2, 2017


Copy over to your libraries directory under your Arduino directory and unzip

If you are missing the "TimeLib.h" library, copy into the Arduino libraries directory and unzip



The Wiring list and product identification picture.

Arduino Wiring List.pdf



What is the IOT?

Put simply, the IOT is about connecting Internet Enabled devices the relay information back to us, to cloud based applications and dashboards and to each other.   These smart devices can be anything from computers, to thermostats, to refrigerators, mobile phones, cars or even big things like jet engines.

The Thunder Board IOT kit detects lightning, displays it to your local OLED display and then sends it up to your own Internet Dashboard so others can see what is going on with your location.   The Thunder Board IOT kit also detects:

  • Lightning Strength
  • Lightning Count
  • Lightning Distance
  • Disturber (Electrical Noise) Detection

Pretty cool.  And you can add more sensors to sense other things like sunlight, wind speed, direction, rain, etc.



Detecting Lightning with the Thunder Kit

How the heck do we detect lightning?  You would think it would be pretty easy, but it turns out it is not.   It's not just like a giant spark.   Well, it is a giant spark, but there are lots of other things that make electrical noise that can be confused for lightning.  Your computer (even your Raspberry PI and Arduino!), your car, the motor in your refrigerator, your cell phone, your computer monitor, your AM/FM radio and even your TV.  They all make electrical noise that can be confused with Lightning.