GroveWeatherPi to SkyWeather Upgrade Kit



GroveWeatherPi to SkyWeather Upgrade Kit

SkyWeather is the replacement for the GroveWeatherPi iIt.   This kit contains all the parts to upgrade your existing GroveWeatherPi kit to a SkyWeather Kit.


How to use the GroveWeatherPi to SkyWeather Upgrade Kit

Step 1) Disassemble your GroveWeatherPi Electronics

Step 2) Reassemble the SkyWeather kit following the assembly and testing manual downloadable from the SkyWeather Product Page

Step 3) Install the SkyWeather software linked to on the SkyWeather Product Page

You will have parts left over from GroveWeatherPi that you can use on other projects.

That's it!



The SkyWeather kit is a perfect technology project to learn all about the weather and how to sense the environment around you.  Including Air Quality and Lightning.  Right here.  Right in your neighborhood.  

This Raspberry Pi kit allows you to build your own weather station with a Sky Cam to take pictures of your Sky and display them the cloud on WeatherSTEM.  You might even make it to the WeatherChannel!

 The magic of this Kit is that it provides all the needed interfaces and plugs to convert your Raspberry Pi into a real Weather Station.  You build.  You Learn.


    SkyWeather in Palm Springs

    What about the Cloud?

    SwitchDoc Labs is proud to announce our partnership with for taking SkyWeather to the cloud.  



    That's right.  Your weather station and sky pictures will be visible to everyone on the Internet and you will be sharing your local weather with locations all  over the globe!

    WeatherSTEM is an innovative cloud-based weather education platform for people of all ages and professions.   Our innovative curriculum is designed to help you and your students understand the myriad ways weather impacts just about everything in our lives.  SkyWeather is a great way to become part of the WeatherSTEM community.

    Note to Educators:  WeatherSTEM has a full set of experiments and curriculum for your class to use SkyWeather and WeatherSTEM in the classroom

    SkyWeather Features

    • Barometric Pressure
    • Outside Temperature 
    • Outside Humidity 
    • Altitude 
    • Inside Temperature (in box)
    • Inside Humidity (in box)
    • Air Quality - AQI (your own local Air Quality Sensor)
    • Sunlight
    • Wind Speed
    • Wind Direction 
    • Rain 
    • All your weather information on the Cloud including history

    This project, being open source, is expandable - there are hundreds of Grove modules available!


      What is in the GroveWeatherPi to SkyWeather Upgrade Kit?

      The kit does not include a Raspberry Pi or Bud enclosures box and other weatherproofing parts.   

      • PiWeather Board (I2C Mux, Barometer, Altitude, Inside T/H, IAirQ)
      • Sunlight Sensor
      • Grove PowerSave for AQI
      • Grove PowerSave for AM2315
      • Sky Camera (Includes Pi3 cable, PiZero cable and 50cm Pi3 Cable)
      • Six Port I2C Hub
      • Grove Cables for Assembly
      • AQI Dust Sensor
      • SkyWeather Serial Number


      SkyWeather SD Card containing SkyWeather and Raspberry Pi OS

      You can find a pre-configured SD Card here.

      SkyWeather Lite

      • The basic SkyWeather system without the Wind/Rain and Lightning Sensors

      This kit is for those whom are most interested in the Sky Camera, temperature, humidity and air quality measurements.

      The basic SkyWeather system without the Wind/Rain and Lightning Sensors.


      • All the software, electronics and cables to build your SkyWeather Kit (not including the Raspberry Pi)

      The full SkyWeather kit including the Lightning and Wind Direction, Speed and Rain sensors. Includes: Rain, Wind Speed / Direction, Lighting Detection, Outside Temperature and Humidity, Barometric Pressure, Internal Temperature/Humidity, Sunlight Strength, and Outside Air Quality.

      SkyWeather Solar Extender Kit

      • The solar panels and solar controller SunControl (not including the Raspberry Pi)

      SkyWeather Solar is designed for off-the-grid usage where bringing power is tough. The kit including the Lightning and Wind Direction, Speed and Rain sensors.

      Solar Power Your SkyWeather Kit. The Solar SkyWeather kit includes a SunControl based solar power system.

      Supplies excellent and complete information about the solar power performance and charging status. Really understand solar power.

      SkyWeather Solar WXLink Extender Kit

      • The hardware to move your WeatherRack (Wind Direction, Speed, Rain and Outside Temperature/Humidity) away from your base SkyWeather unit. (not including the Raspberry Pi) and the Solar Panels to power the WXLink.

      SkyWeather with Solar WXLink Extender Kit is designed for those who would like their base weather station in one place and the temperature/humidity/wind/Rain in another place connected wirelessly and the sensors are solar powered.

      The SkyWeather Plus Solar WXLink Remote kit includes remote wireless solar power sensor kit for the WeatherRack and Outside Temperature/Humidity Sensor.  Supplies excellent and complete information about the solar WXLink Remote Sensing power performance and charging status. 

      SkyWeather 3D Prints

      You can order pre-printed parts or do it yourself with the STL files here.