Grove Red LED
Grove Red LED
Grove Red LED
Grove Red LED
Grove Red LED

Grove Red LED

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A general purpose LED module using a Grove Digital Port, available in different colors.

The Grove - LED producut is designed for monitoring controls from digital ports. It can be mounted to the surface of your box or desk easily and used as pilot lamp for power or signal. the brightness of the LED can be adjusted by the included potentiometer.

Includes a Grove Cable


  • Standard Grove Digital connector
  • Operate voltage: 3.3v/5v
  • Emitting Color: Red

Arduino Software Example


1. Connect the LED to Base Shield's digital port 2 with 4pin Grove Cable. You can use other valid Gorve Digital ports, Change port number in the code (#define LED 2).
2. Plug it onto the Arduino. Connect the board to PC using USB cable.

3. Copy the demo code to your sketch, then upload to Arduino board. Please click here if you do not know how to upload.
You will see the LED blink every second.

#define LED 2 //connect LED to digital pin2
void setup() {                
  // initialize the digital pin2 as an output.
  pinMode(LED, OUTPUT);     
void loop() {
  digitalWrite(LED, HIGH);   // set the LED on
  delay(500);               // for 500ms
  digitalWrite(LED, LOW);   // set the LED off