MouseAir w/Fullset of 3D Prints - No Pi
MouseAir w/Fullset of 3D Prints - No Pi
MouseAir w/Fullset of 3D Prints - No Pi

MouseAir w/Fullset of 3D Prints - No Pi

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This is a great introductory project for learning how to make the Raspberry Pi do physical tasks.  Easy to build  (no soldering needed) and easy to use.   But you will get exposed to some very sophisticated hardware and software technology (including AI machine learning for Cat Detection, no less).


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This project has it all.   There have been few projects that make us laugh out loud every time we look at it, but this is one of those.  MouseAir.   This is an easy to build (no soldering!) project that will turn your Raspberry Pi into one of the funniest, smartest and cat like projects of all time.   Let's start out by watching a MouseAir Launch in sloooow motion.

MouseAir w/Fullset of 3D Prints - No Pi

All the specialized hardware (including SDCard!) plus a complete set of 3D Prints. You supply the Raspberry Pi.

  • SD Card with Buster and MouseAir Preinstalled
  • MicroUSB 5V Power Supply for Motor Controller
  • Camera for Raspberry Pi - AI Compatible
  • Grove Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Pi2Grover Raspberry Pi to Grove Interface
  • MouseAIr Controller Board
  • RGBW Pixel Stick
  • Two (2) 5V DC Launch Motors with Cable
  • Launch Servo - Continuous
  • Grove IR Mouse Detector
  • Four (4) 20cm Grove Cables
  • Box of M2 Nylon Pylons/Screws
  • MouseAir Full Base 3D Print
  • Misc 3D Prints (Gears, Launch Slot and Rack and Pinion Gear)
  • STL Files for 3D Printing
  • One Mouse
  • No Raspberry Pi



Software Status

Release V012 - MouseAIr

  • - Ultrasonic Not implemented
  • - Other status date on Blynk Screen not implemented