PiCar-B Raspberry Pi Based Robot for Robotics Experimentation


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PiCar-B Raspberry Pi Based Robot for Robotics Experimentation

Adeept Mars Rover PiCar-B WiFi Smart Robot Car Kit for Raspberry Pi 3

  • Speech Recognition
  • OpenCV Target Tracking
  • Video Transmission
  • STEM Educational Robot
  • Computer Vision
  • Experiment with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Autonomous Vehicle Experiments

This is a great platform to add additional sensors and software to learn robotics.

Why do we carry this robot?

  • Easy and Complete Assembly Manual
  • Compatible with Python
  • Ability to Add Grove Connectors and more Sensors
  • Ability to write own software for AI applications and Autonomous Vehicle Experiments
  • Will eventually be connected with ROS (Robot Operating System)


  • STEM Educational Robot - An complete AI(Artificial Intelligence) robot kit based on the Raspberry Pi(Compatible with RPi 3B/3B+/2B/2B+, Raspberry Pi is NOT included).
  • Speech Recognition; Object Recognition and Tracking - based on openCV; Automatic Obstacle Avoidance; Line Tracking; Remote software provided.  Client/Server Architecture - can be remotely controlled by APP on PC; WS2812 RGB LEDs; 3 Color LEDs; Real-time Video Transmission.
  • Easy to Assemble and Coding - A 81-page PDF assembly manual with Easy-to-understand Python code is provided, both for your own robot program building and with a remote GUI program (compatible with Windows and Linux operating systems).
  • Powered by 2x18650 batteries(NOT included). Here is a suggested link for two sets of batteries and a charger (https://amzn.to/2CTrYHc)




Parts List

1 Set Acrylic Plates
1x Adeept Motor HAT V2.0
1x Raspberry Pi Camera(with Cable)
1x USB Microphone
1x Ultrasonic Sensor Module
2x Adeept RGB LED Module
4x Adeept WS2812 RGB LED Module
1x Adeept 3CH Line Tracking Module
3x Servo
1x Gear Motor
4x Wheels
1x Battery Holder
1x Cross Socket Wrench
2x Cross Screwdriver(Small and Large)
1x Winding Pipe
10x Bearing(6*F624ZZ + 4*F687ZZ)
2x Umbrella Gear Set
Other necessary accessories(Wires, Nuts, Screws, Copper Standoffs, Couplings)