SmartGarden3 Hydroponics Kit
SmartGarden3 Hydroponics Kit
SmartGarden3 Hydroponics Kit
SmartGarden3 Hydroponics Kit
SmartGarden3 Hydroponics Kit
SmartGarden3 Hydroponics Kit
SmartGarden3 Hydroponics Kit
SmartGarden3 Hydroponics Kit
SmartGarden3 Hydroponics Kit

SmartGarden3 Hydroponics Kit

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SmartGarden3 + Hydroponics Kit

This is the SmartGarden3 Hydroponics. It is a 9 Plant Hydroponics unit, the Hydroponic Sensors (Water Temperature, Water Level, Total Dissolved Solids sensor and the InfraRed Sensor). Includes plant food, Basil seeds, DIY seed pods, the hydroponic lights and pump. It also includes the SG3 Hydroponic Wiring Board. SG3 ESP32 based Wireless Extender, a USB Pump, a Bluetooth Soil Sensor, a power supply and all of the required software, STL files and design files for 3D parts, all OPEN SOURCE. NO soldering required, and easy to put together. It does not include the required Raspberry Pi.

From a customer:   “This system (and the hydroponic set) has been amazing to play with, and get to know. Great job! Congratulations to you and your team! I have been playing with the rest of it while I try to work out the Bluetooth issue, IT'S SO FUN!Even though this part has hung, I have been getting plenty of other successes. The instructions are easy to follow, the interfaces have been easy to access and use, and the flexibility in both hardware and software is tremendous. It has been easy to work with this on the same RPi that has already been running my SkyWeather system (with several versioned backups, of course).”


The SmartGarden3 Hydroponics kit contains everything in the SmartGarden3 base kit as well as the hydroponics equipment.

(Documentation, Downloads and Manuals Below)


  • SG3 Wireless Extender Board
  • I2C Grove 4 Relay board
  • Blue Grove LCD Display
  • Single RGBW Pixel
  • USB Light Stick
  • External WiFi Antenna
  • Single USB Controlled Submersible Pump
  • Bluetooth Soil Sensor(Moisture, Temperature, Conductivity, Light)
  • Micro USB 5V Power Supply
  • 20cm Grove Cable
  • Y Branch Grove Cable
  • 50cm Grove Cables
  • BS18B20 Water Temperature Sensor
  • Basil Seed Package
  • Capacitive Water Level Sensor
  • Hydroponics Base Unit
  • Infrared 8x8 Sensor
  • TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Sensor
  • SG3 Hydroponics Wiring Board
  • Link to 3D STL Files and Design Files




Additional Products Available for the SmartGarden3 System

Articles on SmartGarden3

Highly expandable! You can have your Raspberry Pi Base Unit inside your house and have multiple wireless control units and up to 16 Bluetooth Wireless Soil Sensors in your outdoor garden, greenhouse or in the upstairs bedroom. Up to 250 wireless control units can be connected up to one Raspberry Pi base unit. This allows you to control your truly MASSIVE garden.Or your small one. Either way!

It is designed to be easily and simply put together and tested with No Soldering Required! And you get all the OPEN SOURCE code for the SmartGarden3 software so you can do what you want.   Modify the code to your own application!  Add sensors!  Add functions!  Add more plants!
This is a perfect project kit for advanced kids (with some help from the adults) and for adults trying to learn some new things.   People all over the world have built the Original SmartGardenSystem and the OurWeather and SkyWeather weather stations with great success. SmartGarden3 (or SG3 for short) is an introductory, easy to build Raspberry Pi based environmental monitoring and plant watering system using advanced sensors to monitor the soil moisture, monitor the sunlight, watch the air quality and monitor temperature and humidity.  

The Infrared Sensor

The SmartGarden3 Hydroponics unit comes with a 8x8 Infrared Matrix camera that can tell you things about your plant health.
We even build a Time Lapse every day for the Infrared Sensor.    

Our 8x8 Infrared Sensor with 3D Printed Mount

Optional Pi Camera Compatiblity

If you want to add a camera to your garden, the SmartGarden3 supports all Raspberry Pi Compatible cameras.   We also build cool time lapses for this camera.

3D Printable Cases

The 3D printed case designs for  Wireless SG3 Control unit and Hydroponic Wiring Box  are all available for download for you to print.  We even provide you the design files so you can modify them to your specifications.

Smart Garden Status Screens

  There are over 10 status screens.  Here are a few examples.        

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't you include a Raspberry Pi? Turns out because of the distribution agreements by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, you can actually buy a Raspberry Pi kit on Amazon cheaper than we can buy them in bulk.  Here is a great Raspberry Pi 4B Kit for the SmartGarden3: Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB Kit (Canakit) If that is sold out, here are some alternatives: Raspberry PI 4B 4GB - 2GB, 4GB or 8GB will work. Adafruit - (    SparkFun - ( 32GB SD Card (buy a good one or buy our pre-formatted SDCard) Raspberry Pi 4 Power Supply - At least 2.5A and for a Raspberry Pi 4B (here's an article about Raspberry Pi 4's and startup currents) Raspberry Pi 4 Case - Lots of them will work!

What do the Bluetooth Soil Sensors measure? The SG3 Bluetooth Sensors measure soil moisture, soil temperature, ambient light and soil electrical conductivity (a measure of nutrients available).
Measuring the Moisture of Mint
What is the transmission range of the Bluetooth Sensors? BLE will go 10 to 20 feet depending on what is between you and the SGS Extender.
What valves and pumps can I connect to the SmartGarden3? Any 5V driven pump or valve (like our USB 5V pumps) can be driven from the SG3 Wireless Extender USB Ports.  You can plug in USB to wire conversion plugs to control other 5V devices.   The SGS2 Wireless Extender also has 4 relays included. These can switch either 120/240VAC or 30VDC at up to 10A which gives the gardner a HUGE amount of flexibility.
Grow Lights over a Garden Controlled by SmartGarden3
What triggers valves or pumps to turn on or off? This is part of the magic of the SmartGarden3 System.  Any valve or pump can be controlled by any moisture sensor available in SG3.   You can even control multiple valves or pumps with one sensor.   Your choice.  You can also set up Valves/Pumps to run on a timed basis and can control them manually.
What kinds of sensors can I connect? SmartGarden3 supports a wireless Bluetooth enabled moisture/light/temperatuer/EC sensor that talks to the SG3 Extender Unit.   The Hydroponics unit uses an on board 12 bit Analog to Digital Converter on the SG3 Extender board.  It reads Hydroponics Water Temperature, Water Depth and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) with the base hydroponics unit as well as an Infrared camera that allows you to look a plant leaf temperature. Optionally, you can add Ph and Turbidity sensors with EC (Electrical Conduction) coming soon.
Could you tell me more about the Bluetooth Sensor?
The SG3 BLE Bluetooth Soil Sensor
The sensor uses a capacitive soil moisture detector.  The two prongs are for sensing the EC (nutrient indicator).  This gives the sensor a long life!
Can I run this on Solar Power? Absolutely.     SwitchDoc Labs produces a multitude of solar power kits that will power the Wireless Extender units as well kits that will power the much more power hungry Raspberry Pi.   Check out this article on the SwitchDoc Labs Blog:
Can I choose what valves and sensors to graph on the webpage? Yes.  The SGSConfiguration GUI allows you to choose what valves/pumps/sensors will appear on the pages.
How does the SG3 Wireless Extender send information to the Raspberry PI? The ESP32 in the Wireless Extender uses WiFI to communicate to the Raspberry Pi.   The data is sent via MQTT connections to the MQTT Broker on the Raspberry Pi.   You can also write your own code to subscribe to the MQTT topics.
Where can I find  seed pods for the hydroponics system? You can buy any AeroGarden(TM) seed pods such as these on Amazon, or build your own with the supplied materials in our hydroponic kit: Example AeroGarden(TM) Seed Pods
Is there an upgrade kit for older Smart Garden devices? No, not as a product.  However, you can upgrade the software in your Smart Garden System 2 Extender to the SmartGarden3 ESP32 software by yourself, or you can send us your old board in and we can program it and return it.   Then you can buy the compatible Bluetooth Sensors from our