Weather Proof Enclosure / Case - 172mm X 172mm X 76mm



Weather Proof Enclosure - 172mm X 172mm X 76mm


  • 172mm X 172mm X 76mm

  • Light Grey

  • Transparent Top

These very high quality plastic enclosures are 100 percent weather resistant, UV resistant, and can be used outside for virtually any electrical project.  

This will easily fit a BC24kits as well as the OurWeather kits.

Nominal Dimensions are 6 3/4" by 6 3/4" by 3" high (172mm X 172mm X 76mm)
outside dimensions.  

The mounting holes are under the large white plastic screws and are outside of the protected area, keeping your enclosed electronics nice and dry in any condition.

There are 3 knockouts on each side.  2 opposing sides have knockouts for 15mm and 20mm connectors (1/2") and the other 2 opposing sides have knockouts for 22mm and 28mm connectors (3/4").

There are also 4 knockouts on the bottom for 20mm (1/2") connectors.

This plastic is very durable, flame resistant, UV resistant, and thus fairly brittle.  We recommend using either a stepper bit or hole saw for drilling holes the size that you need.  Paddle bits don't work well on this plastic either.

There's a rubber seal around the clear plastic lid.  The mounting holes are pre-drilled and sit inside the holes where the plastic screws connect into the bottom.  The boxes are UL listed and are made of UV resistant plastic.



The drawings show 2 holes pre-drilled in one side of the box.  IGNORE THOSE SPECS as they are incorrect and there are no holes predrilled in the sides.